Our Practitioners

Paul Harris (Principal) DC MChiro 


Paul graduated in 2011 from McTimoney Chiropractic College and is the Clinic Principal and owner of North Downs Chiropractic Health Centre.

His long journey to Chiropractic started in the mid 1990’s after being converted to the treatment technique after suffering injuries being a 400m runner and keen athlete. 


From feeling the positive and what he felt almost “amazing” effects chiropractic had on his injuries and overall health, Paul’s thirst for knowledge and learning began. This initially began in 1998 with his interest in muscular injuries, fascial and deep tissue massage gaining his diploma in Sports Therapy, then in 2007 studying for 5 years for his Masters Degree in Chiropractic at McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Oxford.

Since graduating Paul has followed up his principal Chiropractic training, with training in Sacro Occipital Technique and Thompson Drop technique. He also uses some deep tissue massage as an adjunct to Chiropractic where appropriate. 


As well as working in clinic, Paul is a Board Member of the Sacro-Occipital Technique Organisation Europe (SOTO Europe) regularly attends seminars with a passion for gaining more knowledge to help treat his patients. 


He feels so fortunate to be in profession that he loves and surrounded by a team with a philosophy to make patients feel comfortable and welcome from the moment they visit the clinic. 


Away from Chiropractic, Paul continues to run for his beloved Crawley Athletic Club, and other exercise in the form of swimming, and mountain biking in order to keep up with his son Tomas!


Paul Is in the Clinic

Monday 9am-7pm

Tuesday 1pm-8pm

Wednesday 8:30am- 1pm

Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday’s (Alternate 8am-12pm)



Sandra Jay Aromatherapy Massage


Sandra graduated from the Raworth Centre, Dorking, in 1994 with a diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy. 

Her early interest in the subjects of the arts, sociology, philosophy and biology prompted her to explore a profession that could merge and develop them. 


In 1982 she embarked on a training course in London with promising prerequisites. One aspect of the course involved hands-on body work in the form of Swedish massage. She loved it. 

From here on massage therapy became her prime focus. She studied a variety of styles, principles and techniques, which over time led to a qualification in Holistic Aromatherapy.


The holistic aspect of massage therapy held a special interest for Sandra. Her innate desire to understand and make connections aligned itself very well with the mind, body, spirit connection. This translated into further study courses in shiatsu, subtle aromatherapy, essential oil meridian massage and essential oils for the spirit.


Today, Sandra offers a bespoke massage treatment based on years of accumulated knowledge and hands on work. She has broadened her understanding of physical health to encompass that of the mind and spirit, whilst honing her sensitivity and intuition in these areas. 


She feels it a privilege to be able to share this information with her clientele and help contribute to their personal health and wellbeing.

Outside of work her family, especially her two gorgeous children, keep her well occupied. When she does take time for herself she likes to continue her personal development in the practice of tai chi and yoga, reading and the arts.  

Sandra is in the Clinic

Monday 4pm-7pm

Wednesday 10.00am-1pm

Angela Rigby “ Pranic Healing Practitioner” 


Angela has always been passionate about incorporating a complementary approach into health and wellbeing. Angela ran her own business for fourteen years in the fire and flood restoration industry which allowed her to appreciate the stress and pressures brought about by a sudden change of circumstances and disruption to everyday lives.


She was introduced to Pranic Healing in 2007 and was immediately fascinated by how simple and effective this tried and tested system is. After receiving Pranic Healing treatments and seeing how quickly ongoing physical problems could be resolved and how rapidly stress could be relieved she took the decision to train as a Pranic Healing Therapist. Angela trained with two of the leading teachers; Les Flitcroft and Master Stephen Co.


Angela is actively involved in her local community. She facilitates weekly relaxation drop in groups and runs personal development seminars. She is often found at sports events offering treatments to help athletes with persistent injuries, overcome performance anxiety, calm their minds, enhance focus boost energy in order to help transform their results.


In her spare time Angela practices meditation, Arhatic Yoga and takes part in the occasional 10k race.


Angela is in the Clinic

Tuesday 3pm-7pm

Annette Manning (Receptionist)


Annette joined the practice in September 2019 having worked in a busy GP surgery for the previous four years. She is experienced in providing excellent patient centred administrative support and enjoys building a rapport with patients.

Annette likes to spend time with her family and friends and has two dogs that keep her busy.

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