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Who do we treat at North Downs Chiropractic?

Chiropractic can benefit people of all ages, age shouldn’t mitigate treatment, in fact my son has been treated with Chiropractic since he was about 10 months old, and currently our eldest patient is 94. Likewise adjustment styles and techniques are always modified and tailored to suit the individual. Chiropractic is not a one size fits all approach to health.



Being elderly doesn’t mean we have to accept or give up our health, life is for living whatever age we are, even if you have had a long standing condition.

Many of our older patients have not only felt better after receiving Chiropractic treatment, but also expressed how pleased they are to have their condition, and diagnosis explained to them in a simple way that they can understand.

Generally, the older we are, the time it takes to get better can take a little longer. This can this is due to a number of reasons, one can be the length of time that we have had the problem, another is that as we age the body’s immune system, and healing is not as fast as it was when we were that much younger. 

Ever noticed how sportspeople take longer to get over their injuries as they progress through their careers!


Chiropractic is all about the function of our nervous system. As with all the body functions, our younger patient’s nervous system is still forming, from being newly born through to being adolescent. 


Life can throw up a lot hiccups for children, starting with the birth process and arriving out into the world, and that is even before they learn to walk and are subjected to the bumps and falls as a toddler!


Due the beauty of youth and the bodies regenerative process, children respond really well to Chiropractic treatment and adjustments, and they rarely need as many treatments to get them to firing on all cylinders and running around again.


Pregnancy should be one of the most rewarding times during a woman’s life, however due to some of the changes in the body that occur during this important time, the opposite can sometimes be felt.


During pregnancy, a mother's body releases a hormone called relaxin that allows her body to offer safe passage for the baby. 

However this same hormone can soften the ligaments that keep our joints together.


Unfortunately, this means that the increased laxity and reduced stability of mothers joints, especially in the pelvis and lower back, can add discomfort of the many other complex changes happening during an exciting but difficult time.


After our little babies arrive... we advise our mums and little ones be checked by your chiropractor. It's likely that you might want checking out, due to the stresses caused by childbirth. Our new arrivals may also need checking, as birth can be one of the most physically and neurologically challenging time in a human's life.

Sports people.  

Chiropractic is great for sports injuries and helping with rehabilitation.  It's benefits far outweigh the opportunity to recover more effectively.  

Remember Chiropractic helps the body to function more effectively. If your body is functioning to its optimal level, your sporting activity and performance is likely to be better.


A better functioning body and nervous system can also decrease the incidence of injury and reduce time away from the field.


Everybody else. 

There is a good argument for everybody benefiting from chiropractic care, but the fact remains that the majority of patients visit a chiropractor for the first time after hurting their back. The good news is that Chiropractic is very effective for back pain in adults.  


So whether you have an active lifestyle or life is more sedentary. Our bodies all need a helping hand from time to time. Put simply, if you have a central nervous system, then chiropractic care can benefit you. Even us Chiropractors need treatment!

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