With the fast-changing landscape of the Covid-19 outbreak; we have over the last few weeks, worked hard to update and bring in new procedures to help keep everyone within our clinic safe.

However, due to the latest Government announcement and Regulatory Body advice, it is with sadness that, as of 24 th March, we have decided to temporarily close our clinic. 

This is out of a sense of responsibility to our patients, staff and the greater community to follow the social distancing guidelines and ensure the spread of the virus is controlled as well as possible.

We want to reassure you that myself and staff are fit and healthy and that they are all committed to continue to work in ways that support you as patients and the wider community as well as possible.                                     

This includes (and we are open to further suggestions):


  • If you have an appointment in our books for the coming days and weeks, you will receive a call from your Chiropractor. This is part of our commitment to anyone in our care. 

  • We may not be able to do hands-on treatment for the moment, but we can continue to help with advice, reassurance, and exercises via telephone or by video. (subject to GDPR agreement)

  • If you don’t have an appointment booked at the moment, please feel free to reach out to us. 

  • The clinic email address is included below.

  • Again, we are looking at ways of increasing the help we can provide in this area, as we realise that social distancing can cause difficulty for individuals.

  • Although we are currently not manning our phone, we do want to hear from you and encourage you to use our email service (info@northdownschiropractic.uk) We will be happy to assist in any way possible.

  • Although the advice we are all getting is for ‘social distancing’, the real requirement is just for increased physical distance between people.  Therefore, stay in contact with your friends, your family, and anyone who may be able to help you. We fit perfectly and happily in the latter category.

50 Walton Street, Walton On The Hill, Surrey, KT20 7RT  Tel: 01737 479654 info@northdownschiropractic.uk